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    Welcome, Alchemy Edina! We opened early on a couple of Saturdays for “Burbs & Brews” hosted by the Edina branch of Alchemy 365! The 40 minute yoga + conditioning fitness classes really had us sweating!

  • Hop Fizz – Brut IPA

    First Released: July 17th, 2018 Say Hello to Hop Fizz! James has been secretly working on our rendition of the brand new “Brut IPA” style of beer: reminiscent of Champagne, it can be recognized by its effervescence, clarity, and extreme dryness. Background The Brut IPA style was cultivated recently in San Francisco, at Social Kitchen…

  • Guava Rave – Fruited Wheat

    First Released: July, 2018 RAVE is a series of fruit-forward wheat beers based on James’ most popular homebrewing recipe. The first was honeydew, and for our second RAVE beer we are tapping into our tropical side. This beer is made beer with hundreds of pounds of fresh pink guava puree for a burst of tropical…

  • Happy Independence Day!

    We stayed open on the 4th of July and had a blast serving everyone in our community who came out to celebrate! We even had a voter registration event.

  • Cocoa Krisp – Brown Ale

    First Released: June 19th, 2018 Meet Cocoa Krisp, our chocolate cookie inspired brew, made with copious amounts of cocoa nibs and vanilla. Get ready for waves of smooth chocolate supported by an undercurrent of creamy milk sweetness. Background The name comes from a blend of Cocoa Krispies and Cookie Crisp cereals and should invoke some…


    A big thank you to Karen McGrath for leading our first yoga class! What a lovely way to start the weekend.

  • New Garage Door

    We got a new garage door installed behind the brewery this week, the fancy glass kind. It replaced the old dock door in the back to let in a lot more natural light. Come check it out!


    A big thank you to Karen McGrath for leading our first yoga class! What a lovely way to start the weekend.

  • HOPIFY – Double IPA

    First Released: June 2nd, 2018 Hop Heads, Rejoice! Brewed with a whole bunch of Amarillo, Citra, and Simcoe hops, our first Double IPA called “Hopify” has been released! Are you ready to get Hopifed? Background Edina’s first Double IPA and our highest ABV beer to date! Tasting Notes Aroma: Sweet citrus and mango Flavor: Begins…

  • Harlem Shake – Milkshake IPA

    First Released: May 19, 2018 Welcome to Flavor Town… Now you can fulfill your Milkshake IPA craving with “Harlem Shake” our Strawberry-Banana Milkshake IPA! Sometimes a beer is just a beer. Other times it’s pumped full of fresh fruit, milk sugar, and vanilla. Three guesses which kind of beer this is. Background The Milkshake beer…