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Flagship Beers

kolsch beer

Kold Shoulder

Kolsch | 4.7% ABV

From pre-WWII era Cologne, a light and refreshing ale done right with ingredients straight from the source.

Hold tight to your pint!

saison beer

French River*

Saison | 6.5% ABV

*Gluten-reduced beer, see test results here!

Featuring notes of white wine, this farmhouse ale tastes more like a refined night on the town.

Experience the subtlety.

code 3 juicy ipa

Code 3

Juicy IPA | 6.5% ABV

Our tip of the hat to the brave men and women of the EMS community, a Code 3 is the radio code for a lights and sirens response. This bold IPA is triple-hopped with Mosaic, Citra, and Cascade.

Not hazy, not sorry.

nitro wheat stout

Chocolate Crow

Wheat Stout | 5.1% ABV
Nitro Pour (not available in cans)

Crows don’t migrate from the harsh Minnesota winter and neither do we. This dark yet approachable ale first enhances and then fulfills your chocolate craving.

Are you afraid of the dark?

Limited Release Beers


Juicy IPA | 6.7% ABV 

The forecast is in! Get ready for a downfall of the tropical flavors of Mosaic hops.

Nom de Plum

Fruited Saison | 6.3% ABV

Our classic saison fermented with plum puree.

Nom. Nom.

Coffee Cake

Brown Ale | 5.8% ABV

Brewed with cocoa nibs, lactose, and vanilla...then infused with cold brew coffee.

Have your cake and sip it too!

PIXIE Catcher

Cran-Raspberry Sour | 3.5% ABV

A kettle sour fermented with a magical combination of cranberry and raspberry.

Double Macro

Double Pilsner | 8.4% ABV

A high gravity version of our favorite Pilsner! Full-bodied with bready malt character, an ideal hop balance, and a crisp finish.

imperial ipa


Imperial IPA | 8.5% ABV 

A clash of new and historic hop varieties. Juicy Azacca and dank Comet hops battle for supremacy in every pour.

Extremely Small Batch

Unique rotating batches

Five gallons of each beer we brew is pulled from primary fermentation for James to try a new hop or other interesting flavor addition. A new batch is released almost every week and saved exclusively for our email subscribers. Get on the list to be alerted about the next one!

We do our best to update the beer list above frequently but sometimes can't keep up with our Beer Wizard's quest to bring you even more newly crafted varieties. Please forgive us if a particular beer on this list isn't available when visiting our taproom.

Previous Releases

caramel frap beer

Caramel Frap

Coffee Cream Ale | 6% ABV

Luscious coffee flavor up front, with a smooth caramel and milk-chocolate finish.

bldg 6


Juicy Pale Ale | 5.7% ABV

This information is classified. This pale ale is dry hopped with two juicy varieties: Denali and El Dorado hops. A top secret and not quite yet understood process of biotransformation results in a permanent, as far as we can detect, hoppy haze.

You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enjoy this beer fresh.

mango strut

Mango Strut

Kettle Sour | 4.1% ABV 

Dosed with several bushes of mangoes, this sweet yet tart ale walks the walk.

session ipa beer

V Stitches

Session IPA | 5.4% ABV 

Bursting with resinous hops over a bed of German malt, this gravely-named brew commemorates the trials and tribulations of five months of brewery construction and the pain of waiting for opening day.

Heal yourself.

oktober fest


Festbier | 5.9% ABV 

A crisp Pilsner malt base with light caramel and biscuit flavors. Party like it's 1810.

raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi

Fruited Pale Ale | 7% ABV

Raspberry, strawberry, milk sugar, Mosaic hops, and Centennial Hops. Slightly sweet with a tart berry finish. 

pumpkin juice beer

Pumpkin Juice

Pumpkin Ale | 5% ABV 

Pumpkin pie spices, milk sugar, and vanilla. It's like Autumn in a can.

cinnamon crunch beer

Cinnamon Crunch

Brown Ale | 4.9% ABV 

An aroma of fresh cinnamon balanced by subtle sweetness, this light cereal-inspired ale is like reaching right into the box.

Experience the nostalgia.

Hop Fizz

Brut IPA | 6.7% ABV 

Champagne and beer worlds collide: light in color, effervescent, loaded with Mosaic hops, and absolutely bone dry. "Refreshing" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Bring on the bubbly.

Laser Shield

Juicy IPA | 6.7% ABV 

When Galaxy and Mosaic hops blend together in a beer, it's gonna be a party. A delicious party.

guava rave

Guava RAVE

Fruited Wheat | 4.6% ABV 

Bursting with the tropical citrus flavor of pink guava, it's an absolute party for your tastebuds. "RAVE" is a series of fruit forward wheat beers based on James' most popular homebrewing recipe.


Double IPA | 9.5% ABV 

Brewed with a whole bunch of Amarillo, Citra, and Simcoe.

Get Hopified!

cocoa krisp beer

Cocoa Krisp

Chocolate Vanilla Brown Ale | 5.1% ABV

Brewed with delicious cocoa nibs and vanilla. Get ready for subtle waves of smooth chocolate highlighted by an undercurrent of creamy milk sweetness.

Harlem Shake

Strawberry Banana Milkshake IPA

6% ABV

Brewed with delicious cocoa nibs and vanilla. Get ready for subtle waves of smooth chocolate highlighted by an undercurrent of creamy milk sweetness.

honeydew beer, rave


Honeydew Wheat | 6.3% ABV

An absolute party for your tastebuds. As the most requested beer from James' homebrewing days, it's surprisingly balanced between subtle honeydew flavor and crisp, full-bodied wheat. An ideal summer sipper.


English Mild | 3.9% ABV

Brewed for ideal hydration during long afternoons and evenings spent lounging around on the patio.

espresso crow

Espresso Crow

Imperial Stout | 8.7% ABV

For those who dare to walk on the dark side, this stout is what you seek. Luscious chocolate and espresso lift this brooding ale into overdrive.

Rabbit Hole

Carrot Cake Amber | 5.4% ABV

Brewed with our mother's blend of carrot cake spices and infused with bourbon vanilla beans, this malt-forward ale is the ideal ratio of cake to icing. We know, we had you at "bourbon vanilla beans."

Mother knows best.

Bitter River

Belgian IPA | 7% ABV

The big sister of French River, this hoppy Saison is surprisingly refreshing while quenching your hop thirst.

Batch #1

IPA | 7.4% ABV

Everyone starts somewhere. We started with a quarter ton of malt and more than two and a half pounds of hops per barrel.

Taste the original.