Community & Fundraising

The application for 2024 partnered give back events is closed. The application for 2025 give back events will go live in September 2024.

We strive to support our community and the causes that impact us all. If you would like to request a donation, please confirm that your cause or organization fits our donation criteria before filling out the form below.


  • Organization must be a registered 501 (c)(3) non-profit.
  • Donation requests must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the scheduled event. 
  • Organization must be local & impact local people, places, or causes. 
  • Organizations are eligible for one donation per calendar year. (eligibility does not guarantee you will be selected for a donation.)
  • Organizations are eligible for Partnered Give Back Events once every 2 years. (eligibility does not guarantee you will be selected for a donation.)
  • Individual or private fundraisers, recreational/sports teams (any age), religious/government, or affiliated groups are not eligible for donations.


  • Merchandise Gift Bag: Curated bundle of merchandise with retail value between $20-$60, donated to be auctioned off at your event.
    • Gift bags cannot be shipped and must be picked up from our taproom.  
    • Your fundraising event must occur within 3 months of the submission of your donation request.
  • Partnered Give Back Event: **2024 APPLICATION HAS CLOSED** If selected, we will schedule a 3-hour event during our dinner rush (either 4-7 p.m. or 5-8 p.m.) in which 10% of all taproom sales get donated to your organization. We also reserve one large table for your team members to sit at and self-promote during the event. 2025 application will go live in September 2024.