Wooden Hill Receives Gold Status from Edina Green Business Recognition Program

Going Green to Reach Gold

We recently applied to the Edina Green Business Recognition Program and were excited to learn that we made "Gold" status, as we cleared 55 points on the green scale. 

The program looks at a range of initiatives from solid waste prevention and recycling, to purchasing, energy use, landscaping, water preservation, and more. 

City of Edina


  • recycling as much as possible
  • partnering with local farmers to take our spent grain for composting
  • using a commercial composting service for food and organic waste
  • providing compost and recycling bins for staff and customers throughout facility
  • electric car charging stations with free charging for customers
  • using LED lights throughout entire facility
  • 100% renewable energy used - powered by the wind through Xcel Energy's windsource program
  • transferring heat and water used to cool beer into the next batch of beer
  • eco-friendly napkins, compostable plates, reusable flatware and glassware
  • labeling our packaging to encourage customers to recycle
  • sourcing local vendors to minimize shipping distances
  • HVAC economizers with automation controls by 75F
  • lighting automation controls by 75F
  • motion-sensing light switches
  • dimmable light switches
  • staff policies and training regarding limiting energy usage and minimizing waste production
  • motion-sensing water faucets in restrooms
  • digital menus instead of printed
  • digital receipt offered before printed receipt offered 
  • limiting face-to-face meetings to reduce commute footprint
  • bike racks

"Small steps matter., Just keep taking them."

"Our sustainability program first started with just recycling. Then we added on a compost service. And over time we've continued to take small steps that add up to meaningful impact. So can you."

-Sean Ewen, Co-Owner of Wooden Hill Brewing Company

A journey we can make together 

Would you like to take the steps to become a green business? Learn more here!

Already a green rockstar? You can apply to the

Edina Green Business Recognition Program too. 


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