Minnesota Craft Beer Needs Your Help


CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES TODAY – Help us sell more than just crowlers from our taproom!

We need your urgent help to support Minnesota breweries seeking to sell growlers, crowlers, bottles, and cans from our taprooms. On Friday, May 17, the MN House will vote on the Omnibus Liquor Bill, including removing restrictions that prohibit MN taprooms from offering beer in the vessel size that is most appropriate for our customers.

Current law only allows Minnesota breweries to sell beer to go in 750 ml vessels and 64 oz vessels from their taprooms.

If our amendments pass, taprooms will be able to sell beer in vessels between 350ml - 2L (standard can up to a European-sized Growler).

We believe these changes will increase the growth of the industry, create more jobs, and increase the variety of beers you are able to buy, not only in the taproom, but even in traditional retail stores as breweries opt to package limited release beers that normally remain just in the taproom.

If you want to buy cans, bottles, crowlers, and growlers from Minnesota taprooms, and want breweries to be able to decide how to package their own product, help us pass this amendment!

CALL your representative and tell them to support raising the growler cap and allowing for smaller container sizes to be sold from taprooms when they vote on the Omnibus Liquor bill on Friday.

Search for your representative here: https://www.gis.leg.mn/iMaps/districts/

Read more about the history of this bill and the proposed changes here: https://growlermag.com/minnesota-craft-brewers-guild-voices-support-on-two-growler-amendments-to-the-liquor-omnibus-bill/

Sample Script

"Hello Representative __________. I live in your district and am a customer of Wooden Hill Brewing Company in Edina. I’m a fan of Minnesota Craft Beer and the impact craft brewers have on our community, tourism, and economy. I think the vessel size restrictions imposed by existing law are unfair to Minnesota craft brewers and customers.

I want you to support raising the growler cap and allowing for smaller container sizes to be sold from taprooms, which would allow Minnesota breweries to sell beer from their taprooms in package sizes that make sense for their business and their customers. Your vote can impact more than 160 small businesses in Minnesota. Thank you for your support."

Just 5 minutes of your time could have a massive impact on the MN Craft Beer scene.

Thank you from all of us!

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