Gluten-Removed French River

We're excited to announce that our flagship Saison, "French River," is officially gluten-removed! And it tastes just as awesome as the original!

Here's the fancy lab test result confirming the level of gluten is below 10 parts per million (ppm). As a point of reference, the US FDA generally classifies foods with less than 20 ppm as "gluten-free." 

gluten-free beer

Why can't we just say it's gluten-free? Different rules apply to fermented malt beverages like beer and they are regulated by a different federal entity (the TTB). According to their rules, no product originally made with gluten-containing ingredient(s) may be labeled as gluten-free, even if lab testing confirms removal of the gluten.

We'll let you sit back and ponder this while enjoying this refreshing gluten-removed beer 🙂 


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