Construction Update: Construction Permit Issued!

The Big News

After over half a year of working with our architect, Gregg Hackett, and general contractor, Aaron Day of Blue Construction, to design the brewery and taproom, we're excited to announce our construction permit has been issued by the City of Edina!

James stopped by City Hall last week to pay the associated fees and pick up the permit. It's been an incredible learning process to discover all the details that are required to undergo a commercial construction project.

brewery permit

What It Takes

There are many layers of issues that need to be addressed before a construction permit is issued. We started by reaching out to Edina's Economic Development, Bill Neuendorf.

Mr. Neuendorf arranged for a meeting with the leaders of all the major city departments that would play a role in licensing the brewery. This was a critical first step that allowed us to understand the overall approach to starting a brewery in Edina and to discuss some of the issues unique to our project, since this is the first time the new alcohol ordinances would be used in Edina.

Later on, Gregg, Aaron, and James would meet periodically with the building inspectors to gain feedback on the latest plan revisions. Finally, the construction documents were submitted in May. It was sent back to us one time for additional edits a few weeks later, and then the permit was issued after those changes were reviewed.

What We've Learned

It's important to get in touch with the appropriate city representatives early to get their feedback on your plan. They can also help with interpreting city ordinances, zoning restrictions, and building codes. Be prepared to be flexible with the design of your space, your timeline and even your business operation plan.

Are You Excited Yet?

We certainly are! Here's James, permit in hand, with a quick preview of our pre-construction space...

6 thoughts on “Construction Update: Construction Permit Issued!”

  1. So excited for you two creative men in this wonderful new business. We are so proud of you Sean and James and love the video and watching the progression to OPENING DAY. Wishing you great success and smooth sailing into the Wooden Hill Brewery.

    1. Now that we just finished putting the finishing touches on the taproom, we’ll be posting more pictures soon! We love working with Gregg.

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