Brewing Equipment Ordered

We’re excited to announce our brewhouse, fermenters, and brite tanks have been ordered from Rocky Mountain Vessels! The anticipated delivery date is June, 2017.

What We Ordered

After a great deal of research and interviewing other brewers, we decided to order a 10 barrel, indirect fired brewhouse (10 barrels = 20 kegs = 310 gallons or 2,400 pints of beer).

The brewhouse is paired with three 20-barrel fermenters and three 20-barrel brite tanks. This will allow us to expand production in the future by transferring double batches of beer into a single tank instead of having to buy another one.

For more on the details of how we selected our system, read more about it here.

Why We Chose Rocky Mountain

Out of all the suppliers we were speaking with, Ralph Stellmacher at Rocky Mountain Vessels was the only supplier that to connect us with a brewing consultant so that we could better define our needs (and at their expense). This immediately demonstrated that this company strives to add value to their customer experience.

We then discovered that Ralph’s team designs and builds the vessels at their workshop in Colorado, something becoming rare in an industry that often sources cheap materials from overseas. US-built equipment is a bit of a higher cost, but the shipping charges are lower and there’s a certain peace of mind knowing equipment won’t get stuck in customs. Since our brewery is a small US business, we want to keep our purchases within the US supporting other small businesses whenever possible.

Finally, we personally contacted several of Rocky Mountain’s brewery references, hearing back from nearly every owner. The responses were impressive – everyone mentioned the high quality manufacturing and excellent service that Rocky Mountain Vessels provided.

About Rocky Mountain Vessels

Rocky Mountain Vessels was founded by Darin Houtstra, a metal fabricator, and Ralph Stellmacher, a business and finance professional, who both wanted to apply their creativity towards a business that builds functional brewing equipment that also become the visual centerpieces of small breweries. They work with young breweries to provide brewing equipment that is well designed, user friendly and affordable. They’re located in southwest Colorado among the Cimarron and San Juan Mountains.

Check out photos of their work here or send an email to [email protected].


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