Wooden Hill Fall Beer Dinner 2019

 Our second gourmet beer dinner was a tasty success! Here's a recap of the menu...

Charcuterie + 5 Courses + Some Special Surprises 

Created by:

Jordan Roots (Head Chef)

James Ewen (Head Brewer)

Nick Jungers (Sous Chef)

First Course

Pumpkin Salad: greens, spiced candied pecans, maple vinaigrette, smouked gouda, marinated pear, pumpkin

Beer Pairing: Kold Shoulder - Kolsch

Pumpkin Salad

Second Course

Pork Belly: 24 hr apple butter, cranberry sauce, pork cracklins, fermented apple, maple cotton candy, smoke

Beer Pairing: Cider Shrub - Fermented Spiced Cocktail 

Cotton candy provided by Spinning Wylde

Third Course

Butternut Curry Soup: roasted red pepper, basil oil, coconut milk, pumpkin spiced pepitas, wild rice krispie bar, chili oil

Beer Pairing: OKTBRFEST - Festbier

Fourth Course

Game Meat Stew: venison, pheasant broth, house-made creme fraiche, sweet potatoes, brown butter biscuit

Beer Pairing: Chocolate Crow - Wheat Stout

Fifth Course

Spiced Carrot Pudding Cake: ice cream sandwich, cream cheese toffee, caramel corn, candied carrot sauce, cinnamon whipped cream

Beer Pairing: Cinnamon Crunch - Brown Ale

Thank you!

Cheers to those who worked so hard to make this incredible evening possible ~ and a big thanks to everyone who joined us from near and far! We are so happy you are part of the Wooden Hill family.

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