Wooden Hill Turns 5!

Today our taproom turns five years old.

Photo of the Wooden Hill Brewing taproom at twilight, featuring the lit "taproom" sign and the entrance to the fenced patio.
It’s the kind of thing that is easy to just write down, but difficult to encompass every meaningful moment from the last half decade that has shaped what it is today. But I’ll try.

There’s of course a sense of wonder, because it seems like the time went by so fast. Six years ago, the space we turned into Edina’s first production brewery and taproom was just an empty unit in an unassuming industrial building on Bush Lake Road that had been around long before my first batch of homebrew. It’s since seen major remodels throughout and is— let’s be fair—a little more eye-catching these days. Amazing what happens to a place when a community breathes life into it.
A photo of head brewer James and assistant brewer Jeremy bottling beer.

The five-year mark hits some nostalgia when I think of the countless little moments along the way. So many mornings looking out into the cool pre-dawn air while steam blankets my face as Jeremy and I mash-in another batch of Code 3. The countless interactions with regulars and newcomers as they sift through the menu with our expert Tapologists to find that perfect pint for their tastes. The sizzle of hot trays of bacon, ready to bring someone’s burger to that next level. They zip by in my mind in an uplifting montage – the kind of sequence that livens up the dull moments and softens the struggles.

As part of a leadership team that is always planning, re-calculating, and looking towards the future, this achievement feels significant. It’s an important milestone in a list of the accomplishments that the collective team here at Wooden Hill, along with the broader community, has made possible.
A photo of a hand holding two baskets of food, one full of french fries and one with a gourmet burger - in front of the "brewery' sign outside of the Wooden Hill taproom.

We hope every one of you has your own montage of experiences sharing the joy of craft beer and food with us, whether you were one of our first newsletter subscribers or you’ve just visited our taproom for the first time and forged your own special memory. I think it’s precisely our collective experiences that makes Wooden Hill what it is today: a thriving communal gathering space with an emphasis on crafting great memories.
 a photo of the beginnings of the expanded patio outside of the front entrance to the Wooden Hill taproom
With that in mind, we move forward together. Our long-awaited expansion project is well underway. We’ll be slinging our gourmet-style pub food from a much-expanded and more versatile kitchen while offering increased taproom seating and the ability to accommodate groups of well over 100 in our revamped private event space.

If anything about the last five years had you excited, we think you’ll agree that the best is yet to come.

Cheers and thank you for building the future with us!

James Ewen
Co-Owner and Head Brewer