Meet Chris Peterka

Hello from our kitchen!


 "My role as kitchen manager, for just over a year now, is to order and keep the kitchen stocked with the freshest and finest ingredients for our awesome culinary team to put out delicious menu items from Chef Jordan’s creative mind."


Everyday is different running the kitchen. Trying to stay ahead of the game and being prepared for anything is the main goal. There is constant change, improvement and learning everyday.


Everyone works really, really... really hard and the kitchen/taproom team is amazing. I worked at Famous Dave’s for 10 years where I learned everything I know under Steve Nicholas and Randy Ehlers.


Honestly, sometimes running the kitchen, I forget we are MAKING beer just a few feet away. But the cool thing is, I’ll get a sample or walk by the brewing area and learn and try something new. 


I love seeing how happy and satisfied the guests are each day. People waiting in the parking lot for us to switch the open sign and then pouring in is really rewarding.


My favorite thing about Wooden Hill is the togetherness and passion everyone has for food and beer and making people happy in this industry. Sean and James do a good job of leading the way and make Wooden Hill a fun gathering place. They are both scientific geniuses, meaning they are so smart about everything. They truly care about everyone and everyone’s personal lives.


Favorite beer ever made is Hopify, favorite flagship is Code 3.


Favorite food item: No, it’s not the cheesy chicken or the Rise and Shine. It has to be the BOM burgers, each one is loaded with flavor.


I enjoy: all sports, family time, watching anything food related on TV - Bobby Flay, Gordon Ramsay and love Chef's Table. Of course, my daughter Hunter, who loves visiting the brewery as often as she can. The staff is so good to her. My House Burger loving, soon to be wife Danielle is so supportive helping me live the dream.


"It’s the perfect job: FOOD BEER FAMILY FRIENDS."Chris Peterka, Wooden Hill kitchen manager.

Chris Peterka
Wooden Hill Kitchen Manager




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