Employee of the moment: Jack selzler

Get to know Jack!

How long have you worked at Wooden Hill?

I have worked at Wooden Hill for 2 years now.

What are your roles at Wooden Hill?

I work in both the taproom and kitchen and have learned so much from both positions within the last two years.

What do you enjoy most about being apart of the WH team?

What I enjoy most about being part of the Wooden Hill team is that our team is filled with outgoing, hardworking, and passionate beer enthusiasts!

What have you learned by working in a brewery that you don’t think you would have learned elsewhere?

I have learned that making beer is an art form! It takes multiple processes along with certain techniques to create a well rounded and tasteful beer! Also, the innovation of new beers every year and how brewers are able to bring forth new ideas every day into this industry!

What are your favorite WH beers and foods?

My favorite Wooden Hill beers are Code 3, Casual Sabotage, Hopify, and Chocolate Crow!

My favorite food items are chicken nachos, chicken tacos, our seasonal salad, and the B.O.M. (Burger of the Moment) Burgers!

Favorite beers in general?

Amputator IPA from Butcherknife Brewing, Ewald the Golden from Utepils, Lord of the Loch and Banshee Cutter from Insight Brewing.

What do you do outside of WH?

Outside of Wooden Hill, I play golf and frisbee golf during the summer. I enjoy going to new breweries with my girlfriend, going to concerts or any live music event, traveling, skiing, playing hockey, and playing in a bags league.

Anything else you’d like to share?

One random thing about me is that I’m a certified, open water scuba diver!

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